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Control Room brings some of Adobe Lightroom’s development and library management controls and functionality to an app. With Control Room, an Android device can function as an external control panel for editing and managing photos within Adobe Lightroom. All of this can simplify and improve a workflow.

• Quickly and remotely make development adjustments via sliders and entry fields, all made easy with a touchscreen.
• The Basic, Tones, Mixer, and Detail panels are provided.
• Create and use custom development panels with the development settings that you use the most.
• Quickly and remotely apply your own Lightroom presets to photos.
• Rate photos, add photos to a rapid collection, flag photos, label photos, and navigate between photos.
• All changes are reflected in real-time between the app and Lightroom.

You will need to install the free corresponding Adobe Lightroom plugin provided on our website.

Plugin Download:

This plugin has the following requirements...
• macOS Sierra or newer | Windows 7 or newer
• Adobe Lightroom 6+ or CC

Fixed a problem that would cause the app to crash when selecting the presets module, a result of viewing presets that contained a colon or comma in their name. Commonly the case with presets provided by VSCO and others.